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Arina Norloguyanova  (Arisha Nor) BIO

She was born in Moscow in a family of musicians. Father - Anatoly Noraguyanov is a talented singer and dancer. Her mother, Galina Brazhnik, is a pianist.

  In the early 80's, the family moved to the city of Elektrostal near Moscow, where Arina later graduated from art school, studied at The Gzhel art and industrial College (now a College), and received two majors: a painter of paintings on porcelain, ceramics, faience, and a fashion designer (development and implementation of author's forms).

 Since 1995, she has worked at the Moscow porcelain factory. In 1997, she was invited to the experimental workshop of the company "Nik- And" as a leading artist.

  Working in the company "Nik- And" performed exclusive orders for the government of Moscow, Russian organizations and foreign companies, as well as for individuals.

  In 2004, she joined the Creative Union Of Russian artists of Decorative and applied arts.

  In 2011, Arina painted her last Tea set "Beauty" and completely went into painting.

  From 2011-2016, she created the "Fantasy" series of paintings . Then there were a series of floral still lifes and watercolor winter landscapes. But the favorite theme for the artist's work remains flowers.

  In 2019 Norloguyanova A. A. she joined the Creative Union of Artists of Russia, Department of Painting.

  Also in 2019, Arina was accepted into The international Association of Watercolors.

Currently Norloguyanova A. A. painting, participating in exhibitions and draws on order.

What I really think about myself :)

I paint and paint portraits of flowers and places that I can't forget! I was born in Moscow, but I feel so good in nature that I ran away from the city to the country, planted flowers and walk through the forests and meadows!

I love the sun's glare and I'm fascinated by the shadows... when I'm in the open air by the sea or the ocean, I just watch the shadows of the trees come to life...

I only draw when I'm happy! That's probably why my paintings are often acquired by lost artists, failed artists, and just creative people. And, lo and behold! They start creating again after that! My main credo is creativity and love in everything!

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